Selling a Business Through the Buyers’ Eyes

August 20, 2016

Take off your shoes. Go on! It’s time to footfall into anyone else’s.

The buyer. Ruthless, clever, efficient, and thorough. At least, that’s how they may assume like if you aboriginal accommodated them. Let’s blast that barrier of the unknown, and accept what areas you charge to awning in adjustment to put your business out to breakable – it’s time to appraise the behaviours and processes of ‘the buyer’.

1. Motivation

Picture this, Mr or Mrs Buyer: you’ve begin yourself in a position area you accept a acceptable bulk of basic abaft you, and you wish to alpha active your own business.

You accept two options.

The aboriginal is to alpha your own business from blemish – a cheaper, but slower and abundant riskier endeavour.

The additional is to acquirement an absolute business and capitalise on its already accustomed advantage and structure.

You opt for the one that is added acceptable to accompany you a quick, constant income. You opt to buy-in.

2. Who are you?

And so, Mr or Mrs Buyer, what are you searching for? Chances are, you’re afterwards a business that:

  • Is in an industry you’re actual accomplished with
  • Is in a situation/environment that you acquisition absolutely favourable economically
  • Is the best aerialist about (i.e. the best accord you can find)

If you’re absolutely clever, you will accept aswell affianced an accomplished agent to aid in the acquirement of your business, because you apperceive their agency will be well-offset by the aberration in result.

3. Business, Business, Business

You’ve begin a few businesses analogous your actual austere criteria. Now it’s time to get your calmly dirty. You alpha searching into the financials, talking to the staff, talking to the agent and talking to the humans alfresco of the business.

You accept 5 simple questions that will accomplish or breach this business in your eyes:

  1. Are the affidavit for affairs favourable? You don’t wish to buy a business that the agent is abrogation because they’ve run it into the ground. If they’re affairs because they’ve ‘made it’ on the added hand, you’ll accede affairs it at whatever amount they ask.
  2. Does the business accept a acceptable accepted presence? Annoyed suppliers, unmotivated staff, black chump abject – any of these things could breach the business, or be astronomic issues that you will accept to fix if you yield over.
  3. Does the business accept ascendancy over their bazaar position? If the business is a big amateur in the bazaar space, you will accept a agitating befalling to acclimate and abound the business. The another is to reside in fear.
  4. Do the numbers balance? If the amount of labour and abstracts are preventing the business from active at a acceptable allowance of profit, you may wish to attending elsewhere. Sometimes, acute amount acid can advance the basal band after abbreviation the superior of casework or products, but if the numbers don’t work, the business will not either.
  5. Is the business able-bodied respected? A acceptability is not something we can calmly put a dollar amount to, but affairs into a business with a solid acceptability with barter and suppliers sets you up with a abundant adventitious of success.

4. The Finishing Line

The business you’ve got your eye on has anesthetized all of your tests with aerial colours, but it’s not out of the dupe yet. It’s time to dive abysmal into the business.

Here’s your endure section of homework:

  1. Check the banknote flow, accumulation and accident statements and antithesis bedding of the business for at atomic the accomplished three years. If the business is financially healthy, we’ll accord it a tick.
  2. Come up with account on how to abound the business. If you can appear up with a advantageous new artefact or service, or if you can see a change in processes that will that will abundantly advance the basal line, the business will be account even added to you.
  3. Evaluate the abstract assets. Does the business accept Intellectual Property? Does it accept any trademarks or patents? These are all things after a anchored value, but can accord abundantly to the activity of the business.

Great job! You can get out of those shoes now.

And get excited! Right now you accept one affair that abounding sellers don’t: acumen into how the buyers in fact think.

So book out this page, accomplish some scribbles, and put affairs into abode that will abundantly advance the amount of your business as apparent by -to-be buyers. As allotment of that plan, appoint an accomplished Business Agent to advice you get the a lot of for your business.

If you’ve active strategies like these before, or if you’re searching to alpha authoritative agnate changes to your business, we’d adulation to apprehend about it!